Monday, February 10, 2020

Intelligent Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Intelligent Life - Essay Example Thirdly, aliens may actually have a totally different type of sensory organs and thus build a different experience from humans (Gertz). Fourthly, aliens may positively respond to European classical music, although no clear reason was given by NASA regarding this (Coplan). Thus, because of the aforementioned considerations, the artifact must not be something made of sounds especially loud rock music. It must not be something that may crudely represent anger or conflict, and it must be unique and different from the surrounding environment so that it could be sensed. Moreover, according to NASA’s most recently published book entitled Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication, communication between humans and extraterrestrials theoretically needs something like a â€Å"highly elaborated code† that will serve as an â€Å"abstract artificial mediation† (Lestel 231). Still, from the NASA book, one learns that it can be assumed that â€Å"brains are not completely isolated cognizers processing concepts in relation to sensory data [but] as spread out in space and time and among other cognizers† (Edmondson 239). Moreover, the best form of communication can be a â€Å"three-color image†¦arranged in a grid† and that one should think that other beings are â€Å"altruistic† (Edmondson 244). This means that the artifact must contain a code of any three colors, and Earth should hope that the aliens can perceive it and can perceive our need for this artifact to be perceived. Thus, firstly, based on all the aforementioned ideas regarding human and extraterrestrial communication, the artifact should be something like a piece of heavy metal that should be different from the rest of the metals in space. Perhaps, an alloy like steel should be used in order that it remains unique when compared with the rest of the material in space and so that the aliens can identify it. It could also be made up of a heavy Styrofoam if possible, as long as it is not too

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