Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Cultural analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cultural analysis - Essay Example Drawn from three different clusters according to the GLOBE culture clusters, the research will involve interviews on three cultural dimensions as discussed by both Hofstede and GLOBE cluster. The three clusters include Latin American, the Middle East and the Sub-Saharan Africa clusters. Evidence from the interviews conducted on the two clusters indicates that people acquire their cultural traits as they grow up. Regardless of the number of years they have been away from their places of birth, culture abandonment is unlikely. Results from the interviews revealed significant similarities and differences from the three cluster communities. Respondents in the interviews had been in the United States for over two years, which means they had adopted the American lifestyles. However, to determine whether the responses from the interviews were true, I will make a comparison with the cultural dimensions discussed by Hosftede and GLOBE. Finally, I will draw conclusions with references from the study findings. Individualism â€Å"Geert-Hofstede.Com† (web) defines individualism as the degree of interdependence that a society maintains among its members. Both respondents saw signi8ficant differences between the level of socialization in the United States and their places of origin. ... He associated this separation with the capitalism in the United States. According to the Middle East respondent, people in the United States are too busy to consider social lives, or take part in any form of social events. According to him, the American society, being too individualistic, people tend to indulge in other people’s lives. For him, this is opposite in their culture, especially whenever involved in any form, of religious groupings. These two tend to regroup with people of their origin even in the United States, as they cannot avoid having a belonging, which are people of their culture. Hofstede and GLOBE agrees with these responses. According to Hofstede, there is a higher level of individualism in the United States, than in the Middle East. However, the Sub-Saharan African countries score low in the level of individualism. United States rank at 91 on the level of individualism, while Middle East scores 25 and Sub-Saharan Africa scores 20. Power distance Hofstede d efines power distance as the extent to which less power people in the society’s institutions and organizations expect and accept unequal distribution of power Geert-(â€Å"Hofstede.Com† web). Power distance argues that both the followers and leaders endorse inequality. There is a higher level of power separation between leaders and subordinates in the Middle East than in Africa and United States. According to my interview with the Middle East respondent, they accord high respect to their leaders, and treat them, with respect and humbleness. To them, leadership is divine and religious. He agrees that there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor, with the rich being the most respectable people in the society. Although Africans share similar sentiment, he points

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