Friday, December 20, 2019

My Experience At The Military Community - 1114 Words

A normal community is a group of people that live in the same place, but my community is different as its spread out all over the world. I chose to look at the needs of the military community, as it is the only true community I have been apart during my adult life. The military community is a special group of service members and their families who have different lifestyles than most and share a unique, family like bond. For my report I chose to interview two military spouses, currently stationed in two different states, to get a better feel for what our spread out community needs. During their interviews they each gave me different, yet important answers. The first person I interviewed was Jennifer Springer, her husband has been in the†¦show more content†¦Having one curriculum for all schools on military installations would make keep education consistent and set military children up for success. Being a mother myself, I knew why this need was important, but I wanted to know why this was important to Jennifer too. When I ask her why our community needed this, she gave me a wonderful answer. She said â€Å"It’s hard moving my son to a new place every time my husband gets a new job. He needs something consistent in life, and what he’s learning should be the one thing that stays the same no matter where we are.† Military children move three times as much as civilian children, which can have a negative effect of their education. If the schools on military installations were all run with the same curriculum, the children would be learning the same thing not matter where they were. One curriculum would keep education consistent and make transitioning to new schools easier for military children. Before I ended our interview I asked her the final question, what does she think should be done about it. She said â€Å"The answer is simple, we need to change all the schools on military installations over to D.O.D.E.A. run schools. This would give the children one curriculum and the local schools districts wouldn’t have to fund the schools on post.† This idea is great, as the buildings already there and it would put more money back into the local school districts budget. The biggest obstacle to accomplish this goal is the proper

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